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With many years working experience in the creative industry, I have achieved a wide range of work and relationships with an array of clients. I feel I have devised and developed a rare and unique skill set that allows me to cross many borders of the industry and the ability to accomplish goals that are set. Having developed a hands-on approach and attitude of striving for the best solutions for the project needs, I feel I am a strong asset to both clients and employers.

Over the course of my career, along side designing, I have been in charge of creating workflows, managing assets for both design and photography studios, as well as streamlining all assets to increase productivity. I have become very well rounded in the front and back end of designing and managing from start to finish.

In addition to my work experience, I also bring a strong history and language of working together with various groups both in design and business sides.

Brief list of skills:
- Full knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
- Experience in Print, Web and Motion.
- Asset Management, organization and workflows.
- Organizing and managing photo shoots.

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