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i'm Eric, visual designer and creator of solutions.

Based in San Francisco, through the years, I have developed a process that involves looking at each projects unique situation. Through collaboration with clients, together, we assess goals, develop, and execute solutions to solve the needs of each of those projects in innovative and exciting ways.

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Client Testimonials

Eric was a great partner on our project.
He listened to our ideas and was able to synthesize them in to various designs ideas.
He was willing to make tweaks based on our feedback and we ended up with more designs options than we could have hoped for. His creative energy is infectious.
Would love to work with him again!
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Zoel Fages

Perch, SF

I recently worked with Eric on a number of invitations and collateral for a capital campaign. Eric was a great listener and worked tirelessly to achieve the results we were looking for. During my time working with Eric, I was happy with his impeccable customer service skills, friendliness, and quick turnaround not only with the designs but each and every time I reached out to him with a need, he displayed creativity, flexibility and patience as we worked together on this project. I definitely recommend Eric for your graphic design needs.
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Maycon Santos

Live Oak SF

Besides having a great design eye, Eric is a thoughtful and observant designer. He dives into his projects with great enthusiasm- researching when needed, and really listening to wants and needs.
He is a pleasure to work with and I recommend him highly.
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Soo Emens

PodOffice SF

About Me


I grew up in Southern California surfing, skatinboarding and snowboarding - until some injuries happened. Then some great photographer friends, gave me the opportunity to try photography, and I ended up making a life-changing connection with the camera and started my path photographing skateboarding - something I absolutely loved.

From there, I found graphic design and the rest is pretty much history. In design I had found a way of working that suited my personality. I have spent time working in all areas of design, from print, web, visual design, motion design, and photography. My experience has served me well while working on a vast array of projects. Integrating all of these aspects of art and design in what I feel has developed my unique style, finding endless ways to incorporate creativity into both my personal and professional projects.

Over the years I have continued to work to develop my craft. Throughout my career I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of clients in a variety of industries. From International companies that are leading the way in telecommunications - to Architects building amazing state of the art sports complexes all the way back to where I came from working within the action sports industry. I consider myself lucky for the people that I’ve been able to work with and the body of work that I’ve been able to do.

I am looking forward to the next stage of work in my life: taking on projects that communicate, help people understand the changing world and delivering the best solutions for clients needs.

Career Highlights

Selected by Glen Park Merchants Association to design community banners for the city of San Francisco. Project funded by a $50,000 grant provided by Avenue Greenlight, to support recovery and revitalization of local neighborhoods.

Designed the first online collaborative visual tool for the fashion industry for GAN, Global Apparel Network who holds a US Patent for the technology.

Created websites for Stan Lee, The Kind Life by Alicia Silverstone, Real Women of Philadelphia online community and art directed the Clorox Social Media Campaign which won best campaign of the year when launched.

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